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Dear Members

I am pleased to give this message as President of the Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni Association (“SAA”)

I completed my “A” levels at Swiss Cottage Secondary School (“SCSS”) in 1975.  My classmates and I received a first class education at SCSS and are forever grateful for the foundations that the school provided us for the future.

Many of us who were fortunate and privileged to have benefited from a SCSS education felt that we owe it to future generations of SCSS students to support and contribute to our alma mater.  Indeed, we hope the SCSS spirit will endure and thrive further.

It was in the spirit of giving back to our alma mater that a group of former students and I got together to register the SAA with the Registrar of Societies in December 2013.  I am happy yet humbled to have been serving as the President of the SAA since then.   My committee members and I have been  organizing and participating in school activities.  These include giving career talks to our graduating students, running the “Past vs Present” Games, celebrating Teachers’ Day, and holding a series of get togethers (attended by former teachers and students).

My committee members and I will endeavor to find ways to make the SAA more useful and relevant to our members and other stakeholders.  To achieve this, we hope to reach out to as many members of the SCSS community as possible – to seek your views and feedback.

I urge former students and staff to join us to help chart SAA’s direction.  There are many opportunities to serve and participate and we will use our website to share relevant information.  My committee members and I look forward to working with more members of the SCSS family.


Foo Tian Ong


Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni Association

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