Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni Association

A very good day to all.

In recent years, the Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni Association has evolved from just a club, to an association supporting Swiss Cottage Secondary School. We now have our own official domain, which we will be using to provide updates on any events organised by the Alumni together with Swiss Cottage Secondary School.

The site is currently a work in progress and we aim to launch the website officially some time early next year. Stay tuned for updates!

Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni Association

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  1. Hi Foo Tian Ong
    Your name rings a bell, as I was also in the 1975 class.
    My name then was FOONG Wei Chan, now known as Chan Cheah.

    Good you are setting up an Alumni. If you need help to setup the blog properly, I can assist.
    Give me buzz on my email and we can discuss further.

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